Echanges Culturels Internationaux
ECI, based in Aix-en-Provence, France, was created in 1971 to arrange travel and educational trips for French youth to many countries around the world.


Every year French teenagers look forward to meeting wonderful people around the world as they participate in our programs.   You can have a fun and educational experience too when you host one of our students.  Help us create meaningful and memorable friendships that can last forever.



Since 1971 ECI has provided homestay, language and cultural programs for French students wishing to expand and deepen their understanding of people and places around the world.  The willingness of host families to welcome a French student into their homes for our several-week spring and summer sessions has contributed greatly to the success of many of our programs.


Thousands of host families and French students have enjoyed wonderful and long-lasting friendships over the past 50 years with ECI.  We wish to thank past host families for their kind help, and we look forward to offering this fun and educational opportunity again soon.




Become a host family for 15-20 days for one of the hundreds of students coming to many cities across the United States from many different areas of France.


We'll have group outings too and American teenagers can come along. This is a great way to make a friend in France, so come and join the fun.

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